Advanced Business Finance Training

Our Trainings and Workshops are intended to provide concepts & practical knowledge of Advanced Business Finance to help the participants understand, analyze and interpret the practical issues. Owing to this objective, the focus of our Advanced Business Finance Course would be to share insights into practical issues, challenges, latest policies, procedural changes & practical applications of various laws through various case studies.

Course Features

Module 1- Financial statements: The language of business

1. Basics of Accounting, Why & How
2. Learn accounting Principles &concepts, Revenue& Expenses Recognition
3. Revenue & Gross Margin, Net Margin, accrued Income & Net Income etc
4. Capitalization of Expenditure, Revenue Expenditure, Prepaid Expense etc
5. Preparation &overview of main financial statements
6. Understanding of financial statements

Module 2 - Cash Flow & Funds Flow Statement: Movement of Cash/Funds

1. Preparation of Cash Flow Statement & Fund Flow Statement
2. Learn Analysis of CFS / FFS
3. Discuss managerial implications of CFS / FFS

Module 3 - Financial analysis & ratios

1. Learn Ratios Analysis & Financial Analysis
2. Learn how to evaluate company performance
3. Implications of financial analysis

Module 4 - Understanding of Risk and return

1. Examine the relationship between risk and return
2. Methods of Calculation of Return on Investments
3. Understanding capital asset pricing, credit spreads and company beta
4. Calculate weighted average cost of capital (WACC)

Module 5 - Financial Planning,Capital budgeting and project valuation

1. Understand project valuation criteria, Forecast cash flows in projects
2. Understanding & Requirement of Capital Budgeting
3. Capital Budgeting Options IRR, NPV & PBP
4. Assess& Choose investment options
5. Develop project valuation models in Excel

Module 6 - Working Capital Management

1. Evaluate requirement of Working Capital
2. Management of Working Capital
3. Credit period, Finance cost of Credit period

Module 7 - Capital structure and financing strategies

1. Evaluate different capital structures, recommended Capital Structures
2. Associated risks and benefits with Capital Structures
3. Options for raising capital& cost of Capital

Module 8 - Budgeting, Forecasting & Variance Analysis

1. Understanding & Preparation Budgets and Forecasting
2. Comparison of Budget & Actuals
3. Variance Analysis & their implications

Module 9 - Preparation of Reports in Excel / MIS/ Advance Excel.

1. Preparation of Financial Reports, Budgets and Other in Excel
2. Creating Formulas , AutoSum, Common Formulas, Data Validation, Goal Seek
3. Formatting data and tables - Data formatting
4. Mathematical, Financial Formulas, Logical Formulas i.e. SUM, MIN, Max, Avg,IF, AND, OR, NOT, IFERROR, SUMIF etc
5. Multiple Sheet References, Consolidating Data – With or Without Links
6. Data & Presentation Tools Chart Types, Instant Chart, Update Chart, Line, Scatter, Column Chart etc
7. Analysis Tools Creating PivotTables, Choosing Fields, PivotTable Layout, Filtering PivotTables
8. Lookup Formulas - This Excel lecture covers Lookup formulas such as VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH

Duration :

30 Session ( 2 Hrs. )

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