We provide a variety of VBA courses that are tailored to your needs, regardless of your level of expertise. Our range of VBA courses, which have been carefully chosen from leading academic institutions and business experts, attempts to offer excellent training for all types of learners—from lone individuals seeking personal development to corporate teams wishing to upskill. These VBA courses might prove to be a beneficial asset for anyone seeking career progression, skill enhancement, or even a change of direction. Enroll in a VBA course right now to move your career forward!

Module 1- Recording macros and buttons

1. Absolute and relative recording
2. Where macros can be stored
3. Assigning macros to buttons

Module 2 - Selecting cells

1. Selecting cells (absolute)
2. Selecting cells (relative)
3. Selecting to the end of a block
4. Selecting a range by its corners

Module 3 - The VB code editor

1. Using Project Explorer
2. Creating modules
3. Basic subroutines and comments

Module 4 - Messages and variables

1. Input boxes and message boxes
2. Declaring variables
3. Option Explicit
4. Scope of variables
5. Constants

Module 5 - Visual Basic explained

1. The Excel object model
2. Objects and collections
3. Methods and properties
4. Getting help in VBA

Module 6 - Loops and conditions

1. Simple IF conditions
2. Multiple IF and SELECT / CASE
3. Three main types of loop

Module 7 - Looping over collections

1. Object variables
2. Looping over collections

Module 8 - Event handling

1. Assigning macros to events
2. Cancelling events

Module 9 - Functions

1. Declaring functions
2. Passing arguments

Module 10 - Debugging and error handling

1. Setting breakpoints
2. Stepping through macros
3. ON ERROR statements

Module 11 - Forms

1. Drawing forms
2. Attaching macros to controls
3. Validating form input

Module 12 - Links to other applications

1. Referencing other applications
2. Instantiating objects
3. Writing inter-application code

Regular Batch: 25-30 Sessions* (1.5hrs)

Weekend Batch: 15-18 Sessions*(2hrs)

Fast Track: 10-12 Days*(3.5hrs)

Eligibility : 12th+ Having basic knowledge of Computer

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