This is the practical training course in GST (Goods and Services Tax) for the student, Job seeker and tax professionals in India. Under this Training Program

Basic of GST overview of model GST law

1. Basics of GST
2. Important Definitions (Section 2)
3. Impact of GST
4. Benefits/ Demerits
5. Different Rates of GST

Levy and Collection of Goods & Services Tax

1. Levy of GST, Forward Charge Mechanism and Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)
2. Meaning and Scope of Supply
3. Composite & Mixed Supply
4. Zero Rated Supply
5. Power to grant exemption from tax

Place of Supply

1. Place of supply of goods other than supply of goods imported into, or exported from India
2. Place of supply of goods imported into, or exported from India
3. Place of supply of services where location of supplier and recipient is in India
4. Place of supply of services where location of supplier or location of recipient is outside India

Time and Value Of Supply

1. Time of supply of goods
2. Time of supply of services
3. Change in rate of tax in respect of supply of services
4. Value of taxable supply

GST Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes

1. Tax invoice
2. Amount of tax to be indicated in tax invoice and other documents
3. Credit and debit notes

GST Registration under Model GST Law with GST Rules & Formats

1. Persons required to be registered
2. Exemption from Registration
3. Persons required to be compulsory registered (No Turnover Limit Allowed)
4. Special provisions relating to Casual Taxable Person & Non-Resident Taxable Person
5. Registration Procedure under GST (Practically on GST Portal with Real Registration)
6. Forms for GST Registration REG-01 to REG-29
7. Application, Acknowledgment and Certificate (GST RC)
8. Amendment in Registration
9. Cancellation of Registration
10. Revocation of Cancellation of Registration

Input tax credit (ITC) with GST Rules

1. Eligibility & Conditions for taking ITC
2. Claim of input tax credit and provisional acceptance there of Matching
3. Manner of Taking Input Tax Credit (Utilization of ITC)
4. Blocked ITC
5. Availability of ITC in Special Cases
6. Reversal and Reclaim of ITC
7. ITC for Job Work
8. ITC Distribution by ISD

Return under GST with GST rules and formats

1. Return filling System under GST
2. Return Filling Rules with Practical Procedure on GST Portal with Real Assignments
3. Filling of GST Return for Regular Person (GSTR 3B & GSTR 1)
4. Filling of GST Return for Composite Person (GSTR 4)
5. Filling of GST Return For Non-Resident Taxable Person (GSTR 5)
6. Filling of GST Return for ISD (GSTR 6)
7. Filling of GST Return for TDS (GSTR 7)
8. Filling of GST Return for TCS (GSTR 8)
9. Annual Return GSTR-9, GSTR-9A, GSTR-9B and GSTR-9C
10. Reconciliation of ITC with GSTR 2A
11. Consequences of not filing GSTR-9
12. Notice to Return Defaulters
13. Levy of Late Fee
14. Final return

Payment of Tax

1. Payment of tax, interest, penalty, and other amounts
2. Interest on delayed payment of tax

E-way Bill

1. Intro of E-Way Bill System
2. Prerequisite for generation of E-Way Bill
3. Generation login id password on E-Way Bill portal
4. E-Way Bill Generation for Sale, purchase – goods sent for repairs, job work, sales return, purchase return, imports and exports
5. Transactions with unregistered dealers etc
6. Updating E-Way Bill in case of change in conveyance, Breakdown of conveyance
7. Validity of E-Way Bill
8. Reporting under E-way Bill

Refund with GST Rules

1. Refund of Tax (Section-54)
2. Refund in Certain Cases (Section-55)
3. Interest on Delayed Refunds (Section-56)
4. Consumer Welfare Fund (Section-57)
5. Utilization of Fund (section-58)

GST Assessment and Audit

1. Self-assessment
2. Scrutiny of return
3. Summary assessment in certain special cases
4. Audit by tax authorities
5. Special audit

Tax Collection at Source – E Commerce (Section 52)
Tax Deduction at Source (Section 51)
Special Provision for Job Worker
Composition Levy under Section 10 & Quarterly Return GSTR-4
Accounting for GST in Tally

Regular Batch: 5 week, (2 hrs)

Weekend Batch: 12 Sunday (3 hrs)

Fast Track: 5 days (11:00 AM. To 5:00 PM)

Duration : 5 Weeks 2 hrs. daily

Eligibility : 12th+ Having basic knowledge of Computer

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